your brand your profit
your brand your profit

Learn All About Being A Partner With Pronunciation Lessons

You can now provide Pronunciation LMS Learning Programs and Personal Learning Plans for Your Students.

Learn All About Being A Partner With Pronunciation Lessons, Pronunciation LMS Learning Programs, White Label Solutions for English Centers, and Teachers... START

As we build our clientele and business we hope to have people referring us.  That is called word of mouth.   If everything is going well, people have already heard of you and your "brand".  This combination of a reputable brand name and a referral are very powerful.

There is another solution also, to partially brand.  Your name appears on students materials and information which makes you a powerful partner.  It raises the respect and confidence of your learners, customers, and parents.

Selling professional courses and practice lessons is a powerful way to get instant content and products.   Your teachers will appreciate having these high quality tools t use in class.

You can arrange for students to gain access to the courses to use on their smart phones.  They use them like apps and practice anywhere and anytime.  This is how students study now.

Lastly, you can often pay as you sell.   This protects your income and expenses.  Unless you make a sale, you don't pay money.

If you want to build your brand and increase income and customer loyalty our white label solutions are the exact thing you need.

Do you use discounts and freebies to get new customers?   Do your customers often study for one or two courses then jump to another school or teacher?

We promise to provide you ways to get more customers in a profitable way and to keep customers longer.

We will help with technology and marketing materials plus handle enrollments while you retain 100% control over your customers.  We will help you get good paying customers that will not only remain loayl but in addition refer their freinds and family!