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About Us and The Products

This product was built initially

for teachers and executives who wanted to find any small differences in their speech and native speech.  I then started using it to help University students prepare for B-1, C-1, and IELTS exams which worked great as I had to evaluate hundreds on many days.  They can see their exact problems.

As time went on I implemented this into our business classes and in public schools as part of our programs.   Now it’s being made available to individuals, often through people like you, businesses, and schools as a way to help others.  These referrals earn a nice side income.

I encourage you to try this personally (free)

Accents are endearing and lovely.  Mispronunciations are errors.

I learn other languages and am amazed when I listen to myself how many of my errors I do not hear. My brain fools me into thinking I sound like native speakers.

You will see how detailed and exact the evaluations are.


Let's Talk for 30 Minutes 



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