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Your Pronunciation
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Our Courses
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Each Module
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Has Specific Goals

Each Goal Accomplishes
Steps Toward Big Goals


Learn about the modules.
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You Can Start Now
To Improve Your
English Very Fast. 

I suggest to find your problems,
practice sounds to fix them,
and then get stronger and better.

Always have fun and enjoy learning.
Learning should not be stressful.
A plan and achieving goals
is a lot of fun and the best way.

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Start With a Plan
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Get Evaluations
Fix Errors With Practice
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Each Learner Is Unique

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For Schools, Teachers and Companies:

Testing and Evaluations
Are Available In Packages

Your School or Business Can
Get Group Rates
And Special Programs!



If you have many
speakers to test
let me know.

We'll Analyze and Create

Personal Speaking Reports
For Each Learner


The Personal Report
Identifies Ways Learners Can
Immediately and Permanently
Improve Their Speaking


It will also help
Learners and Trainers
Focus On Problems.


Practice Modules
Are Available for
Trainers and  Learners

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This is to Help People
Learn English Sounds

1st Watch How
Sound Demo Videos

Then Practice Each Sound
Sound Word Practice

Receive a Personal Report
Identifies Errors
Provides Great Advice

Who Is It For ?

Busy People

Who Want and 

Need to Succeed

or If You Aren't 

If you have:

Speaking Tests




How This Helps

This is a 

Proven Effective

Very Organized

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Efficient Way

To Improve Pronunciation

It Succeeds

Expected Results

You Will Get The Help 

People Will Notice

You = Improved Speaking

Enhanced English Life

You Will Score Higher

Clearer Pronunciation

Less Fear at Speaking Tests

You Will Sound Good

Become More Confident


When You Speak Clearly
You Will:

Be Understood

This Changes Everything

Are You Ready For Change?

Get Promotions

Get Jobs

Do Better On
Exams and Interviews


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Travel and Fun


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Our goal is to help you solve your problems fast so you can reach your goals faster.


We know you are busy and have already spent too much time already.


Consonants Pack


  • Evaluation
  • Speaking Report
  • 30 Demo Videos
  • 30 Practice Videos
  • 2nd Eval Option

Vowels Pack


  • Evaluation
  • Speaking Report
  • 20 Demo Videos
  • 20 Practice Videos
  • 2nd Eval Option

Combo Pack


  • Evaluation
  • Speaking Report
  • 50 Demo Videos
  • 50 Practice Videos
  • 2nd Eval Option

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Wouldn't it be great if you could speak without being afraid?  You can know your problems and have lessons to fix problems fast. If you know and fix your problems you can speak more, have more fun, and improve your life's conditions.

That's exactly what Pronunciation Lessons and Evaluations does for you.

This effective program maximizes your time.

Evaluations and Resources to Fix Problems is the proven method.