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Our courses and programs  are personally designed for you.  We listen to your goals and problems and find colutions and method to succeed. 

You will practice different skills and deep learning.  This means learning things many ways and through short lessons.  Short lessons repeated often to reinformce the learning. 

Our methods and programs will be successful if you understand the idea and what to do (we make this easy) and if you practice.

You can get easy to use courses, personal lessons and learning plans, evaluations, and coaching.  

We wish you the best in accomplishing and realizing your English language goals.  We also answer emails so feel free to write.  

Very Effective.   Life Changing.  

The method are logical and simple with the added advantage of great and easy to use technology.

Effective at every public school level, universities, companies, and for test preparation.

The proof is in higher test scores on IELTS, C-1, Promotions, Passing Interviews and Improved Confidence.

The proof is people getting jobs and visas.  

For me the proof is in seeing people enjoy learning English again instead of being stressed and confused.

We have created hundreds of pages of content and information of what we do and what you should expect.  We also offer world class support to help you. 

But, what if you don't like it?   

Buying courses are 100% refundable if requested within 24 hours.   No questions asked.  Refunds are processed as soon as possible however the banks and payment gateways may take a week or more to finalize.  After 24 hours you must make a special request listing why are having problems so we can find solutions to hopefully help you.

That happens and we understand.  If we have already performed evaluations or done lessons that is done and paid for and work has been done.  You can ask for extra help.  

Before you get an evaluation no questions money back.  If you want a refund CONTACT me.  After you recieve an evaluation there are no refunds.  You can request another evaluation of you think it is faulty or errors were made.  These are decided on a case by case basis.

We do offer lessons conducted online and online classes. 

Most of the courses and learning programs can be made more effective by having personal lessons which are often online (unless we are in yur city).

Evaluations and pronunciation courses are automated and self study taking advantage of advanced technology that allows you the freedom to choose how you study. 


Your login screen has a "Lost Password" Option.  Click that, enter your email and you can recover and rest your password.


We do not know or store your passwords on our servers.  if you are having problems we can help you get studying again!

You can also register for free if you want to take some free courses but must register to access them. 

If you have problems please CONTACT SUPPORT


Yes, I would love to help you. 

Please CONTACT me for help.

Buy a 4 lessons package which includes a personal learning plan and ore. 

If a video in a course is not playing or loading, refresh your browser.  

You can also clear your cache.

Most issues are browser related.

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