Personal Lessons For All English Studies

You can choose what you want to learn and we will create lessons just for you.

Personal English Lessons, Learning Plans, Lessons for IELTS, English Speaking Lessons, You choose what you want to study, Learn and achieve your goals.

When we think of personal lessons we should be happy and know 100% that you are learning exactly what you want and need.   Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know what youo need to learn yet know a big goal you want to achieve.  Too often teachers respond by teaching what they know and use books they know.   Although beneficial, it is not personal or individual and often not nearly as effective as you could b experiencing.

In our lessons we listen to you and develop programs and plans just for you and your goals.  You even get to choose what you like and need!   We provide what you need  so don't worry about that.  Important is know your goals and take charge of your learning.

Once you begin lessons the word opens up to you because we provide you the information you need to achieve your goals and dreams.

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If you want personal help including a learning plan with an expert with lots of experience, try a month of our lessons.

Do you want to have lessons that lead specifically to you accomplishing your goals and dreams?  You choose what to study and tell us what you need.  We create lessons just for you!

We promise to listen to you and give you what you want.

We are here to listen to you and understand what yu need.   Our experience and expertise will be obvious when you study with us.   You will experience improvement and satisfaction.