Pronunciation Lessons Affiliate Program

Welcome to Affiliate Information.

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    managed by AffilateWP which is the gold standard.
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  • Pronunciations and
    other companies and domains participate,

This Page Includes:

  1. What is an Affiliate?
  2. Who Should be an Affiliate?
  3. What are the requirements?
  4. How to apply? (easy 3 steps)
  5. How does it work (technically)
  6. How much can you make?



We think that if a program helps you,
you will feel great about telling your friends,
students, colleagues or neighbors!

If something helps others and you tell them
about it, you can earn money if they buy.

This program does not require
any purchases by you.
There are no fees to join.
It is real and in no way a scam.

Why not make a little spending money?

How to apply?

  1. Just answer a few questions.
  2. Attend an online meeting.
  3. After that, do some training.

We have several levels of affiliates

  1. Professional affiliates
  2. Individual Affiliates
  3. Teams of Affiliates

This program does not require
any purchases by you.
There are no fees to join.
It is real,

You need to know people who
want to improve English Pronunciation.

You talk to them, then send them a link.
The link will give you credit for the sale

Why not make a little spending money?
Send a link and explain it to others.

How does this work "technically"
Simple Version

We use a method called "Pretty Links"

A link can be simple or very long,
A link can have lots of information.

After you become an affiliate you will
be assigned a "referrer's code"
These go inside of links,
I am sure you have seen them.

Long seemingly nonsense  links.

But, that long link has a lot of information
such as who you are, what percentage you earn etc,

We make it pretty because
instead of a long ugly link:

it looks like

Https:// (your name) pronunciation


https:// Improve your speaking

That is easy and nice,
however the real magic happens
when a sale is made from that link,

It automatically enters your account
then is paid after so many days.





How much can you make?
100% up to you!

Some examples are:

If you sell a product for $54.99
Affiliates make at least $11

We have many products
however starting commissions are 20%,

After you sell more - 25%

Then again at 30%.

For teams it can even be higher!

It is up to you,

Will you sell 1 a day?
Can you sell 100 a month?

For people with large list,
Conversion rates are high!

We will support your selling and sales.