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The Pronunciation Evaluation
takes you 5 minutes
We Do ALL The Work

This was designed to help English teachers evaluate their students and find problems.  

You will get a short text to read and some words to pronounce.  Record your voice or a video and send it to us.  It takes less than 5 minutes.  No practicing or preparing.

We carfefully analyze your speaking, provide you with a survey response and a highlighted image of your problems.  

This is how to exactly target your problems and fix them fast with the pronunciation resources.   It is the most effective way to become a clear English speaker anywhere.

This is for an individual evaluation.  We suggest a 2nd after studying.  Most people purchase  "bundle" with 2 evaluations and resources for studying to save money.

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Short Vids of Me
Explainng and Showing
Exactly how to make sounds.

Simple and easy to understand.

See a Sound Demonstration Lesson


Words With The Sound

Read and Repeat 6 Words 

Beginners and Everyone 

 See A Word Lesson

slow sentence cover

Sound Words in Sentences. 
Speeak Longer
Vocabulary in Context
30+ Sounds

For Beginners and All Levels 

See a Beginner's  Sentence lesson

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Sound Sentences. 

Native Tempo
Speeak Longer
Native Tempo
Vocabulary in Context
30+ Sounds


See a Native Sentence Lesson

academic word cover

19 of the sounds (consonants) have academic modules. 
15 words that have the sound, the part of speech and the defenition. 

It includes an audio fo me speakign the words so you can speak with me. 

See An  Academic Lesson

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These are so cool!   Over 30 sounds now have short story modules.

They are original stories about interesting and unusual topics using simple but natural phrases.  

Each has the sound targeted in it 15-30 times!

There is the story text to read and videos of our gret teachers speaking the story.  Every video has subitltles to read along with the teacher.  

For students studying for B1 and C1 exams or other English exams there is the optional worksheet to learn writing and how to talk about stories.

This  is the highest quakuity deep learning anywhere and fun stories!

See a Story Module

Buiilt For Busy People

  • works  for everyone
  • fast effective lessons 
  • 2-5 minute lessons
  • (know what to do)
  • for busy people
  • (practice many times)
  • use on any device
  • (Built For Phones)
  • improve and
  • get respect
  • and $

6 Sound Word
Repetition Practice

Sound Word Videos

We have 6 words
for each sound. The video/audio repeats these words 3 times to practice.

Simple and Easy
To Understand
All Levels

6 Sound Sentences
Beginners and 1st Time

Sound Word Sentences

Learn To Speak Longer
Practice The Sound More

Learn Vocabulary in Context
Become Strong and Confident
All Levels

6 Sound Sentences

Sound Word Sentences 2
6 Sentences in a Row

Learn To Speak Longer
Practice The Sound More

Learn Vocabulary in Context
Become Strong and Confident
Intermediate Level or
After Beginner Practice

Story Text Modules

Read Original
Short Stories

Speaking Longer
Learn New Things
Practice Sounds
Become Strong

Learn Vocabulary in Context
Be Confident Talking

Any Level