Main Reasons For

Inadequate Pronunciation

Not Knowing Sounds
Incorrect Breathing
Learning Wrong
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Pronunciation is Physical 
Learned, Mimicked, Practiced 

It must be checked

Pronunciation Can Be Easy
If Learnt the Right Way

Other things are difficult
or Impossible at first:
* Learning to Walk
* Riding a Bike
* Swimming



Pronunciation is Physical
Learn it well,
Each Sound

Everything Else

Will become Easier

Focus On Basics
Keep it Simple

Say Sounds
Not Words



Has 5 Sounds!

Has 4 Sounds

Has 4 Sounds




English Learners
Learn the Wrong Way
Rushing Through Pronunciation
Because the Schools
Don't Speak Clearly


Too Much Grammar
Grammar Is Impossible
English is Many Languages
Germanic, French, Latin
Grammar is Not Learned
In Native English Schools

The Combinations of
Makes Spelling Crazy
Letters Don't "Cooperate"

People Worry About Accents
Accents Are Nice

Diphthongs and Triphthongs
Combination of Letters

Must learn them.....

Natives Speak Funny

They Use
Schools Teach This
Don't Do This

Speak Clearly
Every Sound

Intonation Errors?
Wrong Stress?
How Can You Know?

Intonation and Stress
Help Understand Meanings
Pronunciation Is Separate.



Don't Train Your Brain
Train Your Mouth, Lips,
Tongue, Teeth,
The  Air Flow,
Sound Origin,
The Mouth Movements


English is Not 100%
Phonetic BY Letter
It's Phonetic By Sounds


Worry, Fear, and Nerves
If you are afraid when
speaking, it won't
sound good.


English Sounds That
Aren't In
Your Language
Very Difficult to Learn
These Need Extra Practice

You were taught
Local Cultural English
The Mistakes Everyone Makes



Don't Know The Sounds
English Sounds Are Different
Must Learn Each Sound


Languages Belong to Families
They Are Very Different
This is Not Respected
Or Understood

Teachers, Education, and Centers
They Have Different Goals
Than Your Great Pronunciation


Wrong Breathing
The is the most
important error.
The Secret No One Knows
English takes a lot of air


We will help simplify the
actual sound production.

Pronunciation is Physical 


Spending too much time learning grammar:
Grammar (ouch) !  Only teachers like it!    

Grammar Is The Enemy


vocabulary, speaking, writing,
listening (ouch) and verbs -
plurals, word orders
There Is So Much!

English Language Learning
takes time.
Pronunciation is Fast


There is one thing


that can be learned
very fast using our
English Sound Lessons.


You will see exactly
how to do each sound.


 English Pronunciation is Physical

Learning how to place
your lips, tongue,
the air you use,
the sound location

are all demonstrated
in short videos

where I show you
how to make each sound.


Then you practice,
No studying, memorizing,
No crazy grammar rules.


Just look at me and
do what I do.


You will hear your
speaking improving very fast.


  Why This IS SO Effective:


Easy To Understand
Exactly What to Learn.

Short Fast Lessons
(a few minutes)

Tested and Proven
This Will Work For You