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Most effective pronunciation help, pronunciation evaluations, pronunciation lessons, 10 kinds of lessons for each phonetic sound, want to English speak clearly, and reach your English goals.

These evaluations were developed over 10 years with students, businesses, universities, and schools.  Each was created as a solution to a problem with testing that the evaluation solved.  The effectiveness was improved constantly in order to make them as efficient and effective as possible.

This is how evaluations that only take you a few minutes to do and no preparation time.  They test your current state and we want to get an honest assessment of anything you may need to improve.

As we were developing these evaluations learners, businesses, and schools requested solutions and ways to solve any problems that are found.

Because of direct requests and honest input we developed and created exacly what what was needed.  It was important to make these easy to follow, very clear, and obviously what people needed (both learners and management).

Everyone can benefit by knowing their exact problems,  Everyone can benefit from practicing exactly what they need to improve.  Very focused and fast.

This will help you improve 100% as it has everyone before you!

If you want to know your exact problems and get speaking advice then this is for you.   It is a proven method that works for everyone.

Do you know your problems?   Do you have great ways to practice for each sound?  Do you want to improve?   We help you understand exatly what to fix and how to fix problems.

We promise every test is performed by an human pronunciation expert and tat your report is specifc for you.

We are so sure this will help you that if you need more help we will provide you more help.  It is important for us that you succeed and know that you have improved.

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