Sentence Modules Are

English Learning Power Lessons

These are not dumb old fashioned sentences:

  • They are modern, funny, a bit crazy and very interesting.
  • You can learn how new vocabulary is used in context.
  • You can listen to the intonation which shows intention.
  • Each sound has lots of words to practice.
  • My voice is super clear with exact pronunciation.
  • The 4 sentence courses are easy to use and navigate.

The sentence lessons were created using the same 6 words as in the word modules.  In each sentence we added additional words using the sounds.  6 sentences, each with the sound appearing multiple times really focuses on the sound and provides great practice.

Each sound has about 18 sound words!


There are 2 kinds of lessons:

  • Beginning modules that repeat the sentences slowly 3 times.
  • You can really hear the words, intonation, and stress.
  • I speak each word clearly with exact pronunciation of each sound.


  • Native Modules which I speak the sentences very clearly but at a normal speed.
  • This style has you speaking 6 sentences in a row at a normal native speed.
  • It is not easy to keep your power up through all 6 sentences.
  • I demonstrate breathing to keep each sentence powerful.
  • This is the secret to true native speaking.
  • This will improve your speaking immediately.
  • It is not easy to keep your power up through all 6 sentences.
  • Very few non native speakers can do it at first.
  • Most do not even think it is important.
  • Exercise your voice to master native speaking.

English requires a lot of air to have good pronunciation.

Rarely is this taught.  It is very important.

You should take a deep breath before every sentence.

Think about it.  Is what you say first more important than what you finish with?

It is all important right?

These Lessons provide you the opportunity to learn the vocabulary in context.


You can also hear the intonation and how some words become more important.


Learning vocabulary in sentences will help you remember and reuse the words the right way.

Beginners Course has 30 sounds for consonants and 20 vowel sounds.  They are 4 separate courses.  These are longer than most of our courses so we separated them.  it also allows for extremely easy navigation and fining the lesson (sound) you want easily on smaller screens.

  • The Beginners Course has 120 sentences for vowels
  • Consonants has 180 sentences.


  • The Native Course has 120 sentences for vowels.
  • Consonants has 180 sentences.


  • Consonant and Vowel Package has 600 sentences!