First you must decide if improving pronunciation is important then choose an evaluation.  Our most popular 

Second, decide if you want lessons.

Lessons offer you a personal learning plan.

Everyone should get tested and make a plan.

Third, decide what you want and your dream.

Fourth, decide to study using

  • self study
  • self study and lessons




What are the study programs?

They are a combination of self study courses and personal lessons which offer learners many opportunities not offered anywhere else.

You can experience a complete program for all levels of learners

We want you to succeed.  Our courses are great for self-study and lessons.
You can see detailed information here.


Question 1:  What is the difference between 1 or 2 evaluations and why do we recommend 2?

The first evaluation is to find your problems and give you speaking advice in a personalized report.

The 2nd evaluation is to see f you corrected the errors and give you additional feedback after you have practiced.

Question 2:  What is the difference between Vowels and Consonants?

Consonants =  If you get those right you sound clear and can be understood.

Vowels = Clarity that leads to native sounding speech.

We suggest doing consonants first.

Question 3:  What is the combination Vowels and Consonants?

This is actually 2 evaluations and 2 practice courses.  Speakers dedicated to great speaking or are required by work or school (teachers) do this.   It is really a great way to improve so much, so fast … that people around you will notice and be envious.

Question 4:  What is the Personal Pronunciation Evaluation?

Some people only want to know their errors first.

The individual tests are used by companies, language centers, and schools to test their students.

Inquire about this!   After that their teachers use our modules to teach in class.

It is also used to qualify applicants for jobs and competitions.

Question 5:  Are Speak English Today and Pronunciation Lessons the same company?

Yes as well as Course Tech US, F1 Visa and other powerful sites.

Question 6:  What are groups?

This is a name for groups of courses and other learning apps and lessons all grouped together.  Some call them memberships, blended learning, or integrated learning.