Getting Lost

It happens to everyone, it happens to me, it has happened to you I am sure - we don't understand something and get lost.

It's no big deal.  What is very important is how you react and deal with being lost.

Situations can vary so it's not a one answer solution.

We get lost when we don't understand the vocabulary, encounter new topics, are talking with confusing people who mix up topics frequently, and all to often - people who don't communicate clearly.

This can be someone giving bad and incomplete answers.

Although there is not one solution, there are universal things that are very effective.

Start with taking a deep breath.  Think of the last thing you understood. Guess at what is being talked about. Take another breath.

Think of a question that will help you get unlost.

This can be as simple as smiling and saying you don't fully understand and if they can please help you understand.

Basically slow down the conversation and ask for clarity.   Too many worry about feeling stupid or feeling dumb.  Don't worry, it happens to everyone.

The goal is to communicate.  In order to do this we must understand.  When you speak you want others to understand, right?  Assume the other person wants you to understand.

Takea breath and ask a question and smile 🙂

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