Turn on your recording
(recorder below if needed)
Speak into the microphone.
Not too quiet 🙂


B     Bob  baby boy big  bargain
ch   cheap chocolate much champion charming
   today date  dad  dragon bad
f     five forest fantastic  fingers face.
g    granny gorgeous gigantic green garden.
h    ham help home high heat.
i     eat meat cheese sheep delete
j     Jack judge jam jelly just
k    take talk cook create crazy
l     live in beautiful villa incredible
ld   would colder bold sold folder
lp   help kelp gulp  scalp  pulp
  meet my mother many month
n    now know knife nifty nefarious
nd   kind recommend friends lend send
ng   sing long songs sarong  prolong
nk   think ankle drink hyperlink blink
p     peter pen paragraph person pancake
   red rabbit ran green recycle render
s    sees his boss sadly surround
sh  sure shutting shipwreck shop shameful
st   dentist western vest streaming statistics
t    talk crate  lottery tincture bot
th   teeth with tooth this that
tch  watch catch match hatch batch
  drove violet village very vindication
 wonder wine wow tow wink
x   extreme excite exam exit exactly
y   say yawn yellow yelp yammer
  zebra zoo was fuzzy blizzard

You are finished 🙂


Send it to


Refresh your pge if it isn't opening.
You will need to "allow" microphone.
laptops and desktops work fine however,
Update:  New IOS and Androids privacy is not allowing recorders on smartphones for security concerns.