Turn on your recording
Speak into the microphone.
Not too quiet :)


B   Bob is a good baby boy name.
ch  I don’t like cheap chocolate very much.
d   What is today’s date?
f   She puts her five fingers on my face.
g  My granny has a beautiful green garden.
 Cook the ham on high heat.
i   I never eat meat with cheese.
 Jack likes to eat jam and jelly.
k  I always talk when I clean and cook.
l   I’d like to live in a beautiful villa.
ld  I would be happy if it was colder.
lp  Help me eat this kelp.
 I meet my mother many times a month.
n    Now I know how to use a knife.
nd  I was kind to recommend a friends to him.
ng  I sing long songs.
nk  I  think an ankle can use a quick drink.
 Peter used his pen to write a paragraph.
 The red rabbit ran across the green pasture.
 Every time he sees his boss he feels sick.
sh  Are you sure about shutting down the shop?
st   The dentist is wearing a western vest.
t     Talk to Tim not to Tammy.
th    I can’t brush my teeth without a toothbrush.
tch  I will watch and catch my match!
v   He drove a violet van via the village.
 I wonder why they love wine.
y  She is saying yes, yes but is yawning.
z  I saw a zebra in the zoo.

ok great!
stop recording
save recording

You are finished 🙂


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