Evaluation Text

"The most sincere compliment is
when people notice you have improved"


In order to evaluate your speaking and pronunciation you need a way to record and way to read.  Both at the same time.

This is easy with 2 devices however not everyone has that ability.

  • have a friend help
  • print out the text to read
  • make a selfie video.
  • two windows on a laptop


Pronunciation Evaluation Recording

Turn on your recording
Speak into the microphone.
Speak up and do not be shy 🙂

Read all of this text.

Don't Practice 🙂
Breathe in often
Use the air for power


record these sound sentences

B Bob is a good baby boy name.
ch I don’t like cheap chocolate very much.
d What is today’s date?
f She puts her five fingers on my face.
g My granny has a beautiful green garden.
h Cook the ham on high heat.
i I never eat meat with cheese.
j Jack likes to eat jam and jelly.
k I always talk when I clean and cook.
l I’d like to live in a beautiful villa.
ld I would be happy if it was colder.
lp  Help me eat this kelp.
m I meet my mother many times a month.
n Now I know how to use a knife.
nd I was kind to recommend a friends to him.
ng I sing long songs.
nk I think an ankle can use a quick drink.
p Peter used his pen to write a paragraph.
r The red rabbit ran across the green pasture.
s  Every time he sees his boss he feels sick.
sh  Are you sure about shutting down the shop?
st  The dentist is wearing a western vest.
t  talk to Tim not to Tammy.
th I can’t brush my teeth without a toothbrush.
tch  I will watch and catch my match!
v   he drove a violet van via the village.
w I wonder why they love wine.
x I am getting extremely excited!
y She is saying yes, yes but is yawning.
z I saw a zebra in the zoo.

ok great!
stop recording 

Send it to


Are you tired?
That was 244 words.

You will get your results and speaking tips in 1-3 days.

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