Pronunciation Lessons, Evaluations, and Resources for Schools

We provide an English Course Affiliate Program for Pronuncition Evaluations.

Pronunciation Lessons and Resources for Teachers and Schools.

English Learning Technology, Courses, and Pronunciation Evaluations.

Cooperation and Collaboration is the answer to students and learners questions and requests.

It is most important to provide our customers with what they are requesting.

It is not good business to keep giving them what hasn't worked well in the past.

The solutions we are proposing is to give learners a way to attain higher IELTs band scores.  Ways to prepare for interviews.  Ways to quickly improve pronunciation and speaking.  The way they can advance in their careers.

You get the idea.  Let's give students what they want and honestly help them acheive thier goals.

If you feel you want to do more but don't know technology.  If you want expert native pronunciation and help.  You do not have to be alone.  We help your systems.   We add to what you have so you can do more.  Actually, we add a lot!

Do you want to spend your time making money and managing your business while improving the quality of education you are providing?  We help by doing most of the work that takes a lot of yur time and effort.  We do these things really well!

We promise to make this easy for you, your staff, and your learners.

We are so sure this will be good for you that we can often offer you the security of earning money on sales, not purchases.

  • Consonant Pronunciation is the starting point.  Improving consonants will clear up your speaking fast.


  • Vowel Pronunciation adds to clarity and native sounding speech.


  • We have coursess with hundreds of short effective pratice lessons that work perfectly on your smart phone or ay device


  • Improving both is for scoring high on exams, getting jobs, being admired and understood.


  • Adding a follow up second evaluation for after you practice will ensure your are pronouncing correctly.