Your Part

It all begins with you.  Your attitude, practices, and of course skillset.   We have found many learners who insist they need more language skills whereas in reality they have enough to be much better.

What they need is exactly in this course.

Keep an open mind in the following lessons and when practicing.  if you improve and remember just a small part of what is in this course you will improve a lot and you will know it pus others will notice.

Best of luck improving and having fun.  You have skills to use rigt now to apply to these ideas.   You will learn more in each lesson.

This course is made from 20 years of surveys and notes from classes regarding what they did that helped them improve and what they had trouble doing.  If they had trouble we of course developed methods to help them :)

Interestingly, many have the same problems, fears, and challenges.   Often these are more culturally based and personal than actual skills.

Have you ever known someone who can become friends and talk to a wide variety of people, often instantly.  At the same time others can't talk to anyone for a bunch of reasons and become more and more scared and worried.

What I am saying is some are natural communicators in their native language or amond people they know well but at a loss of what to do or say with new people.

You can do this if you follow the course.  You will learn how to begin and end conversations, keep them going, and have fun talking whether for fun or business.

Best of Luck and contact me anytime you have a question.

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