Keep It Going

"Do Not Let The Conversation Die"

Variations on this are awkward pauses and silence, misunderstandings, and being shy about ot understanding.  There are many more.

A big one is if it gets too personal.  That is uncomfortable and often leads to the end of the conversation, as it may well should.

On the other hand if it is just an honest mistake trying to make conversation there are easy and polite ways to answer and redirect things to what is "safer" and more acceptable.

Culturally people may be used to asking you questions about income and age yet uncomfortable talking about what they like, or especially don't like.

Some cultures do not like to say anything bad, even if it is 100% true.   Like it is bad luck or everyone will know they talked bad about someone.

On the other hand, how much money you make is an open freindly topic!

You will learn  the way to keep things moving and fun.  At times it takes soe skills.  Once you know what to do it's natural and easy.  That would be cool, right?

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