Answering Questions

A conversation killer is a terrible answer to a question.  A sure sign of a terrible answer is the grimace on the face of your talking partner followed by re-asking the question.  Often a native speaker needs to ask a question may times to get a simple answer to a question that is just being friendly.   It gets tiring and in reality, people just being friendly stop caring and end the conversation.

We will learn may examples of this that occur over and over.

An example is asking someone where they live and they answer the country. The question is asking the city or part of the city.  The country is obvious and gives no information.

Another common answer is How Are You?  - I'm fine thank you how are you?.  What can they answer?  Im happy you are fine... bye bye.

You should answer I am fine but very busy today, or I am fine but tired....anything that gives a little information that leads to communication.  These answers can lead to the questions "Oh what are you doing that makes you so busy?  Or Why are you tired today?"

Too many answer questions like "How was your day?  - Normal"   This leads nowhere and is tiring.

You will learn how to improve answers so conversations in small ways that don't make people tired or kill the conversation.  You will see how easily it is to improve your interactions and make talking to people fun.


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