Demonstrate Modules Guidelines

For Bruce of Blast Learning
(Love That Name)

Goal = Identify Resources

  • very short lessons
  • great on your phone
  • in draft phase

This Mini Course Will Explain:

Central Premise
Pronunciation Evaluation
Intentions of Modules

Perhaps We Are A Match

Hopefully This is An Opportunity

I've tried to condense this.

trees growing to make a heart
Modules Type and Times
Lesson Type Video
Sound Demo 1 Minute
6 Word 1-2 Minutes
Sentences Beginner 2-3 Minutes
Read Story Text 2-4 Minutes
Speak With Teacher 2-4 Minutes
Academic Words 7 min
Minimal Pairs 2-4 Minutes
Audio Recording 1-3 Minutes

Each module has a learning purpose.

Please go through the course.

(it's quick).

Content Ends After Modules