The Story Package

Interesting Stories

Original Writing 

Great Teachers Vids

Unusual Topics 

Choose Your Stories

Choose Stories

New Things

New Topics

Native Phrases

stroy modules

You will be able to:

Read, listen and speak short stories.

Focus on individual sounds.

Become Stronger and Learn In Context.

Lot's of opportunity to practice.

Learn new topics, phrases and ideas.   

The teachers  speak slowly and clearly.

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English Short Stories

Great Story Package
  • 28+ Lessons
  • 28+ Teacher Videos
  • Fun Stories To Read
  • Original and Cool!
  • Watching and Listening
  • Reading = 2 minutes
  • Speaking = 15 minutes
  • Worksheet (optional)
  • Free Ideas For Learning
  • Email Support
  • Special Offers
  • Private Group

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