I would love to schedule 15-30 minutes of your valuable time to discuss how to make money and help your learners.  Our curriculum and methods are proven successful.

We have a large platform with advanced technology so you can see a couple examples of our curriculum and technology.

Here are two mini courses to see our philosophy and teaching concepts.  Most have commented on how targeted and helpful this kind of curriculum can be.  Learners have found our programs life changing and love them.

Take a quick look at the contents and read a few lessons.  You will see the value to students and how you can sell these kinds of ideas.


Free IELTS Mini Course

Free Communications Mini Course


We are offering:

  • Confidence
  • Success
  • Customer Satisfaction



No purchase in advance:

  • You pay nothing until you make a sale.
  • There is no risk for your school (or you).
  • There is no upfront cost to you.
  • All the students are yours.
  • You can use all our modules or just one.


We do the technology, courses,  one to one lessons, recorded lessons, and lots more.

This is integrated and collaborates with your current system, programs, and school.  Your teachers will love this for many reasons.  Your customers will benefit from this and they will know and feel improved.

Introducing The Products:   These have been tested on students like yours and work. 

Our popular courses:

  • Evaluations
  • Sound Demonstration Courses
  • Word Practice Courses
  • Beginning Sentences Courses
  • Native Sentence Courses
  • Teacher's Stories Courses
  • Academic Word Course
  • IELTS High Band Score Course
  • Communication
  • Soft Skills, Communication, and Other Courses

You can offer what customers want and request with instant content and our support.   

We offer Online Lessons That Include Learner's Plans:

Amazing Benefits for Students and Income Potential.

We teach while you earn.


Value for you and your business:

  • This Grows Naturally By Student Success
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Increase Earnings and Student Enrollment:

  • More Quality Products and Choices
  • Improved Outcomes For Learners
  • Learners Get A Personal Plan
  • Word of Mouth Sales
  • Recruit Sellers and Upsell
  • Use your social media, lists, and networks.
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